Garden Ideas from your Smart Phone

Garden ideas

With our smartphones and tablets now capable of so much, as well as the wealth of apps out there that take advantage our devices’ capabilities, it can be easy to lose sight of those parts of our lives that mobile technology can enrich or make easier. Gardening in particular is an area that we don’t often associate with mobile technology. Getting down and dirty in the garden is often a time when we want to, and, for the sake of our devices, need to put our phones away. Our phones and tablets, however, can be a helpful tool in the garden. While maybe not quite as indispensable as a trowel or a watering can (or your Orec Brush Cutter!), there are a cornucopia of terrific apps out there that can inspire us with new garden ideas and can help give us the tools we need to make those garden ideas a part of our gardens.

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