Brush Mowers 101: Which Type Should I Use?

Brush Mowers 101
Clearing thick brush and saplings is the primary use for a brush mower. All types of brush mowers should be able to handle thick brush and saplings. Although, you have different options depending on how you want the brush and saplings handled after they have been knocked down. For the purpose of simply clearing brush, the Orec rotary blade Samurai Brush Cutter is an exceptional machine. It is built with a single spinning rotary blade positioned underneath that knocks down brush with ease. The front wheel allows it to be used over rough terrain and be turned without lifting the mower deck. It is these kinds of features that save you precious time and effort. However, sometimes it is preferable to have the brush broken down and mulched into finer pieces than the Samurai allows. In this case, a flail mower would be a better choice. Orec’s wheeled Cyclone Flail Mower is excellent for this purpose. The flail blades rotate in an “up-cut” motion, which means they catch the whole plant and mulch it while cutting. Flail blades are also great to have in general when brush cutting. This is because sometimes you may not be aware of obstacles hidden in [...]
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