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Autumn Lawn Care Tips

Autumn is an important time of the year for maintaining a healthy lawn as you are protecting your lawn from intemperate and stormy winter weather. By paying proper attention to your lawn in the autumn, you can help ensure that your lawn is healthy and fertile in the spring.

Here are some basic tips that you can follow for yard maintenance in the autumn:

  • Mowing:

While you do not need to mow your lawn in Autumn as often as you would in summer, it is still important to do so for weed and pest control. Many experts recommend that you mow no more than one third of the grass height as this keeps the grass evenly trimmed and helps it to grow at the same height.

  • Watering:

Proper watering techniques in autumn can help to maintain proper growth throughout the year. What is considered proper, however, can vary depending on where you live. You should be careful not to overwater though, as more than one inch or 1-2 hours of irrigation once or twice a week can lead to excessive top growth and saturate your lawn’s root system.

  • Raking and Dethatching:

You can’t avoid it—raking is a vital part of part of proper lawn care in autumn, particularly in the early part of the season.  In raking your lawn, you are removing excess organic debris that can restrict water and airflow, thus allowing your lawn to breathe. Just be careful not to rake too harshly as doing so could remove healthy parts of your lawn.

AHRC662 Cyclone Flail Mower

AHRC662 Cyclone Flail Mower

Orec America has some great products for autumn property maintenance, including our AHRC662 Cyclone walk behind flail brush mower. This is our flail mower that has a rake attachment, allowing you to pick up and mulch organic debris. This not only helps aerate your lawn but by mulching the debris provides precious nutrients for your soil

LS360 Trailblazer Transporter

LS360 Trailblazer Transporter

Orec’s LS360 Trailblazer Transporter is great for clearing limbs and branches that can fall during autumn and winter storms. You can expand or remove the front three walls, allowing you to carry a variety of loads, and a dump tub fits in perfectly, allowing you to carry topsoil and gravel.

Thanks and happy autumn!


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