The Perfect Brush Cutters for Rental!

Orec America’s Unique and Durable Line of Brush Cutters For Rental Will Add Tremendous Value to Your Fleet.

Brush mowers, or brush cutters for rental are often seen as a necessary evil by equipment rental yards. On one hand, there can be a high demand for them and that demand can come from a variety of customer segments: from homeowners looking to clear their property of a season’s or more worth of growth, to contractors and land management organizations that need to maintain trails or clearing brush from the sides of highways. However, along with this demand, there are issues that arise with brush cutters in rental: they are seen as a product with a limited season and, because of the nature of work that they do, they can be high-maintenance as well.

At Orec, we hear these concerns when we visit local yards around the country. But when rental professionals do decide to go with Orec, they soon gain confidence that their brush mowers will not only handle the demands of rental but excel within their rental fleet. That’s because Orec’s is a one-of-kind lineup of durable brush mowers that can last through the brush-cutting seasons and even extend those seasons into autumn and spring with their superior cutting capabilities. They’re also durable brush cutters that are designed with brush mowing in mind, which will keep them going throughout the season.

Tell Me a Little More about Orec

Orec was founded in Japan in 1948 and since that time we’ve worked hard to manufacture unique lawn and garden equipment that is built to withstand the needs of professional users. We first came to the United States in 2010 and have focused on building relationships within the equipment rental industry, becoming a member of the American Rental Association and attending local rental trade shows.

Our current line of equipment features unique brush cutters that are both durable and easy to use:

Cyclone Walk Behind Flail Brush Mower

Cyclone Walk Behind Brush Cutter - Brush Mower 12

The Cyclone pulls in and mulches brush

The Cyclone is one of the few walk behind flail brush mowers available in the United States. The flail blades spin from bottom to top, pulling in brush along the way. This means that the operator doesn’t need to bring the deck down onto brush in order to cut it. What’s more, with 38 blades doing the work, the Cyclone mulches the brush that it cuts and won’t leave any grass or brush left standing. The Cyclone is the only flail mower in the US that is available in a track or wheeled type. For more information on the Cyclone, click here.

Samurai Walk Behind Brush Cutter

Samurai Walk Behind Brush Cutter - Brush Mower 4

Orec’s Samurai’s Front caster wheel makes it easy to maneuver

Our Walk Behind Rotary Brush Cutter is as easy to maintain as it is easy to operate. It features a locking differential that keeps it mowing on side hill and over uneven and wet ground. The tough-as-nails front caster wheel provides added control and makes the Samurai the only brush mower on the market with an easy-to-adjust blade height that goes from 2” to just about 4.” Our belt-tensioner system makes it easy for your techs to adjust and change belts and we manufacture our own transmissions, making them extremely durable for the demands of brush mowing. Click here to learn more.

Brush Rover Riding Brush Mower


The Brush Rover is easy to maneuver and fun to drive!

Our Brush Rover Riding Brush Mower is a fantastic option for quick and easy brush clearing of fields. The 38.5” cut saves on time, while flail-style cutting blades provide a rough finishing brush of weeds, tall grass and brush. With its low center of gravity, differential lock and pinion-style steering, the Brush Rover provides an even cut over rough ground and around obstacles such as stumps and along edges. Check out the product page here.

Why Will My Customers Want to Rent Orec Brush Cutters?

Customers who have never used Orec Brush Mowers tend to think that brush mowing is a chore that is going to leave them exhausted after hours of trying to fight the brush cutter. When they use our machines, your customers will experience the superior performance and ease of control that sets Orec apart from other brush mower manufacturers.
Our Cyclone Walk Behind Flail Brush Mower’s track mower features a turn clutch system that allows the operator to turn the machine with little physical effort, making it easy to maneuver on side slopes and through dense brush. The Samurai Walk Behind Brush Cutter and Riding Brush Mower Brush Rover both feature locking differentials that provide added traction in adverse terrain. What’s more, the Samurai’s front caster wheel makes it so easy to turn and it gives the operator more control over the cutting height.
From homeowner to seasoned professional, your customers will appreciate the performance and the ease of using the Orec Brush Cutters, which will maximize their ROI and keep your customers coming back season after season.

What Makes Orec Brush Cutters so Durable?

Orec has been manufacturing our current brush mowers for more than twenty five years, and we have put our knowledge and experience into manufacturing brush cutters that will stand up to rental. We build our transmissions specifically for our brush mowers, meaning they are built to withstand the force that comes with brush clearing. We use high-quality parts that are built to last meaning little down time during the season. Should your Orec Brush Mower require replacement parts, we have a full inventory of both repair and consumable parts at our warehouse in the United States, at prices that are competitive with other manufacturers. We are also active in reaching out to the rental community so if you should ever have any questions about or need assistance with Orec equipment, you can contact us directly and we will make sure your questions are answered in a timely fashion.


Orec’s own transmission specifically designed for brush mowers

What Sets Orec Apart from other Manufacturers?

At Orec, we are committed to building lasting relationships within the rental industry. Orec sales representatives are out making sales calls with rental yards throughout the year, and we have a direct line to Orec’s manufacturing headquarters so if you should have any feedback for improving our current products or ideas for new ones, we can relay this to our headquarters right away. Orec is directly involved in the research, design and assembly of all of Orec America’s product line, and employees of Orec America keep in constant touch with Orec Japan. This means that we have the knowledge and the connections with our parent company to answer any questions you may have. We understand that you may have some hesitation in adding a fleet of brush cutters for rental to your inventory, but we at Orec know that if you add an Orec brush cutter, you will have added a brush mower that maximizes ROI while reducing down time. Making Orec the perfect line of brush cutters for your rental fleet.

For more information including in-person demonstrations, references from our current customers and product information, please feel free to contact us!

Everyone at Orec America Inc.


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