Brush Mowers 101: Which Type Should I Use?

Brush Mowers for Clearing Thick Brush & Saplings

Clearing thick brush and saplings is the primary use for a brush mower. All types of brush mowers should be able to handle thick brush and saplings. Although, you have different options depending on how you want the brush and saplings handled after they have been knocked down. For the purpose of simply clearing brush, the Orec rotary blade Samurai Brush Cutter is an exceptional machine. It is built with a single spinning rotary blade positioned underneath that knocks down brush with ease. The front wheel allows it to be used over rough terrain and be turned without lifting the mower deck. It is these kinds of features that save you precious time and effort.

However, sometimes it is preferable to have the brush broken down and mulched into finer pieces than the Samurai allows. In this case, a flail mower would be a better choice. Orec’s wheeled Cyclone Flail Mower is excellent for this purpose. The flail blades rotate in an “up-cut” motion, which means they catch the whole plant and mulch it while cutting. Flail blades are also great to have in general when brush cutting. This is because sometimes you may not be aware of obstacles hidden in the brush, such as rocks or tree stumps. These can cause detrimental damage to your machine. With flail blades, this damage is minimized as the flails pivot and release shock to protect the spindle.

Brush Mowers for Large Properties


When clearing brush on a large piece of property, a riding brush mower is going to make the job exponentially easier. Walk behind brush mowers are great pieces of equipment for getting into smaller areas, but when it comes to large properties operating this type of machine will become quite physically taxing. A riding brush mower like the Orec Brush Rover will make clearing brush on large properties simpler than you ever imagined it could be.

It features a variable blade height and flail blades that suit all sorts of different conditions and brush clearing needs. The hydrostatic drive makes the Brush Rover easy to operate, giving you variable speed control with just one lever. Clearing brush can also pose some safety concerns – and that is why the rollover protection system comes standard and ensures the highest level of safety possible. If you have a large piece of property to clear, the Brush Rover is an outstanding piece of equipment for the job.

Brush Mowers for Tackling Brush on Slopes


Addressing brush mowing on slopes presents an array of different challenges from clearing brush on land that is level. Working on a sloped landscape, especially with a heavy machine, can be dangerous. When clearing brush on slopes, a machine like the Orec Cyclone with tracks – as opposed to wheels – will give you the upper hand. With all the power and benefit of the Cyclone, but equipped with dual tracks. You will enjoy the fine cut and mulch that the Cyclone provides, but now with tracks that provide added traction to ensure safe brush clearing. In addition, the dual tracks give you the ability to make tight turns using the brake steering clutch. This means that cutting close corners around trees and obstacles is a problem of the past, even on sloped ground!

Brush Mowers for Large Properties with Hilly Terrain


Now, combine large property and hilly terrain, and you may be wondering “what kind of brush mower do I use then?” The answer is a riding brush mower that offers 4WD. As previously mentioned, Orec’s Brush Rover is a beast of a machine that can tackle large properties without a problem. However, the question remains, how will it handle on hilly terrain?

While the 2WD has a low center of gravity and locking differential to provide traction on slopes, Orec has stepped up their game even further with their announcement of the release of the new 4WD Brush Rover. It has all the features users have come to love about the Brush Rover, but with 4WD that allows you superb control and traction when clearing brush from large landscapes that feature hills and slopes. 4WD amps up the Brush Rover to give it that extra push to power the machine over bushes, saplings, and hills without ever breaking a sweat.

The Arsenal of Brush Mowers for Every Professional Team


Choosing from the range of brush mowers out there can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right knowledge and exceptional machinery, brush doesn’t stand a chance! That is why Orec has been diligently working on designing and refining brush mowers for over seventy years. Their commitment to creating excellent, user-friendly products has enabled them to meet the needs of outdoor professionals everywhere. From the walk behind Cyclone to the ride on Brush Rover, Orec has perfected the art of efficient and easy brush mowing and are proud to offer top of the line products to suit every job.

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