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Brush Mowers 101
Clearing thick brush and saplings is the primary use for a brush mower. All types of brush mowers should be able to handle thick brush and saplings. Although, you have different options depending on how you want the brush and saplings handled after they have been knocked down. For the purpose of simply clearing brush, the Orec rotary blade Samurai Brush Cutter is an exceptional machine. It is built with a single spinning rotary blade positioned underneath that knocks down brush with ease. The front wheel allows it to be used over rough terrain and be turned without lifting the mower deck. It is these kinds of features that save you precious time and effort. However, sometimes it is preferable to have the brush broken down and mulched into finer pieces than the Samurai allows. In this case, a flail mower would be a better choice. Orec’s wheeled Cyclone Flail Mower is excellent for this purpose. The flail blades rotate in an “up-cut” motion, which means they catch the whole plant and mulch it while cutting. Flail blades are also great to have in general when brush cutting. This is because sometimes you may not be aware of obstacles hidden in [...]

One of the biggest challenges in keeping your property well-maintained is trying to mow underneath trees. Even just the thought of getting a mower underneath those branches to cut those weeds, tall grass and brush can be daunting. After all, there are a number of hurdles to clear so you can mow underneath trees.

For one thing, those overhanging branches can make it tough to get you and your mower in under the trees to mow. A lawn tractor, which often has a high center of gravity, can make it uncomfortable or even dangerous for you to get in to mow underneath trees. With branches snagging you or your mower, it may not even be worth thinking about using a riding lawn tractor with an attachment or riding lawn mower.

Common Problems with Mowing Underneath Trees

Can’t get in to mow underneath trees with a lawn tractor? Why not just use a walk behind finish

English Ivy can be a sneaky little bugger. When I think about those leafy, dark-green vines, it is often with a sense of nostalgia mingled with wonder. I can just see that brick wall through the brown vines at Wrigley Field, giving way to the dark green vines day by day as spring turns into summer. Those brown walls in my mind’s eye soon become the walls and buildings of my old college campus, where the ivy that faded with autumn was just as exciting as the ivy that blossomed with the coming of spring. Ivy can be an inspirational, spiritually calming plant when it is kept within the confines of a college campus or a pro baseball field; however, when it is brought to your garden, it can become an out-and-out menace. In this article we’re going to look at some of the reasons why English Ivy can be so harmful to your yard [...]

Whether you are renting a floor sander, an excavator or a brush cutter like Orec’s easy-to-use Cyclone Flail Mower, renting a piece of equipment can be daunting if you are doing it for the first time. But not to worry, your local rental professional is here to help! To give you a better idea of how the process of tool rentals works as well as the scope of tools available, we asked Jesse Hall of Pilchuck Rentals in Marysville, Washington some questions about tool rentals. He was generous enough to help guide us through the rental process.

What are your most common rental items in general?

During the winter our most common tool rentals are more indoor items like breakers, cut-off saws and heaters. In the summer it’s mostly outdoor items, primarily for clearing or “taking the yard back” so we rent the Orec Cyclone, Brush Rover and Samurai. Just recently we have [...]

That crisp breeze, the trees alight with fiery orange and yellow leaves, all the football games on television: this is what many of us think of when fall is in the air. However, fall is also the time when many clean up, do their final maintenance on, and put away their field mowers: but not so fast! The truth is, fall is a fantastic time to put your brush clearing equipment to use.

Why Should I Use My Brush Clearing Equipment in the Fall?

With the trend towards self-sustaining fields that are free of any non-native vegetation, many property owners have turned to brush clearing equipment such as rotary brush mowers and flail mowers as a way to rid their fields of non-native plants, vines, and trees. There are numerous advantages to field mowing in fall, not the least of which it can be easier than in summer. With so much foliage coming off of [...]

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