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There is a lot that goes into being the best for rental companies: you need to provide superior customer service; your rental professionals need to have detailed knowledge of the equipment and the goods that they rent; you need to rent quality equipment and goods that meet the demand of your customers; you need to build strong relationships with your primary vendors in order to stay up to date on product knowledge and updates. While hard work and plenty of experience can go a long way to meeting such lofty goals, networking within the equipment and event rental industry can also be a great way to build upon and update the knowledge that you already have, as well as an excellent opportunity to create and strengthen relationships with vendors and other rental professionals. The American Rental Association (ARA)’s The Rental Show, held every February in alternating locations, provides such opportunities for rental professionals and vendors [...]

Most of us know that it is possible to rent equipment, but many of us are not quite aware of the variety of rental equipment that is available. What’s more, it can sometimes be intimidating to think about renting a piece of equipment that we don’t use that often or have never used at all. Just as going to a car mechanic or a computer store can make us feel like we don’t know what we’re doing, it can be nerve-wracking to think about renting a piece of equipment for the first time. Not to worry though, rental equipment professionals not only have the knowledge to help you use the equipment correctly, it’s in their best interest to work with you to make sure that you know what you’re doing. This added level of service is just one of the reasons why equipment rental can be a great option for you!

The Advantages of Rental [...]

Garden ideas

With our smartphones and tablets now capable of so much, as well as the wealth of apps out there that take advantage our devices’ capabilities, it can be easy to lose sight of those parts of our lives that mobile technology can enrich or make easier. Gardening in particular is an area that we don’t often associate with mobile technology. Getting down and dirty in the garden is often a time when we want to, and, for the sake of our devices, need to put our phones away. Our phones and tablets, however, can be a helpful tool in the garden. While maybe not quite as indispensable as a trowel or a watering can (or your Orec Brush Cutter!), there are a cornucopia of terrific apps out there that can inspire us with new garden ideas and can help give us the tools we need to make those garden ideas a part of our gardens.


So Many Different BrushCutters to Choose from . . .

Many people think that all brushcutters are alike. Not so! Among the many different kinds brush cutters (or brush mowers) there are walk behind, string type and ride on brushcutters. Even among walk behind brush cutters there are different kinds, like rotary brush mowers and flail brush mowers. How are rotary and flail walk behind brushcutters different from each other and when would you want to use one instead of the other? Read below to find out!

What are the main differences between a rotary brush cutter and a flail brush cutter?

Rotary brushcutters resemble beefed-up walked behind lawnmowers, using a single blade that is rectangular in shape and is sharpened at the edges. This blade is fixed to a spindle and rotates parallel to the ground. Rotary brushcutters often do a great job of quickly cutting weeds and tall grass.


Flail [...]

What are invasive plant species?

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]nvasive plants, or non-native plants, are species of plants introduced to an area where they are not native. These are usually plants and shrubs from exotic locales that are most often brought into their non-native environments via planting or through disposal of their seeds into storm drains or compost piles. These plants tend to thrive in their non-native habitat due to lack of competition and predators can spread very quickly, taking up valuable natural resources from other, native plant species. This is why brush clearing these plants is so important: if you aren’t clearing brush quickly, they can spread over an entire lawn or field.

Why are invasive plant species bad?

Once introduced, invasive plants compete with native plant life for natural resources with the native species often losing out. The combination of the invasive species having evolved through competition with other native species, along with the [...]

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