The Ultimate Outdoor Power Equipment Rental Show

The ARA Show is the largest equipment rental convention and trade show in the WORLD. It is an annual convention that offers a wide range of networking within the industry, rental-specific seminars, and equipment geared toward construction/industrial, general tool/light construction and party/special events. The 2019 show will mark the conventions 63rd annual show. It boasts an impressive 700+ vendors and caters to attendees from over 40 countries! This year’s show will be held in beautiful Anaheim, California from February 17-20, 2019. According to the ARA, members consistently rank the show as one of the top services offered to them and continue to attend year after year.

Equipment Rental Garnering the Most Attention: Riding Brush Mowers


When it comes to equipment rental, a riding brush mower definitely tends to stand in the spotlight. People are very intrigued by these machines for good reason; as they are truly quite impressive. These powerful machines make easy work of challenging brush clearing, all while allowing you to ride along comfortably. Riding brush mowers can effortlessly take down thick brush and saplings with much more power than standard mowers.

There are plenty of different makes and models for riding brush mowers on the market today, so choosing the right equipment for you can be a bit daunting. When contemplating which brand is the perfect fit for you, take into consideration things like the slope of the landscape you will be working with, the thickness of the brush to be cleared, and possible obstacles you may encounter. Orec America’s 2WD Brush Rover is a machine of superb performance. It has proven to be a fan favorite out of the Orec arsenal and will be joined by the new 4WD model this summer. The 4WD model offers some of the same exceptional features as the 2WD; such as the quality 21hp Briggs & Stratton engine and the superior safety of the rollover protection system. However, it also has a few slight differences, such as LED headlights, a 3.7-gallon tank, ability to perform on a 20-degree max slope, a fan within the blade pulley to reduce accumulation, and of course, the 4 wheel drive.

Staples of the Equipment Rental Industry: Walk-Behind Brush Mowers


While riding brush mowers are wowing the equipment rental community, the walk-behind brush mower is a true staple in the industry. These tough machines cut through thick brush with ease. An advantage to using the walk behind, as opposed to a riding mower, is that walk behind brush mowers may offer you more stability when clearing dense brush from hilly areas or sloped landscapes.

Orec America offers two different machines for walk-behind brush clearing, ensuring you get the machine that best meets your needs. Orec America’s Samurai mower packs power into a machine compact enough to access places many other brush cutters cannot. The Samurai is operator friendly; with an adjustable handlebar and blade height. It also features hydrostatic drive transmission and a front wheel which make operation a breeze.

The Cyclone Flail Mower is another great option for brush clearing, and one of Orec America’s most popular machines. Available in both track and wheeled versions, the Cyclone is definitely a powerhouse. The flail blades set it apart from some of the other brush clearing machines and allow you peace of mind when clearing brush from areas that you may encounter some unexposed obstructions. Using the Cyclone, you can conquer thick brush without worry of an unseen stump or rock damaging your blades and putting you out of commission!

Equipment Rental Options for Winter Professionals


For equipment rental professionals who work outdoors, winter can be the year’s most dreaded season. However, with the right equipment, it doesn’t have to be! Motorized transporters are great for moving heavy materials more efficiently in cold and icy conditions. Orec America’s Trailblazer Transporter can make heavy hauling easier than ever before. Dual tracks make the Trailblazer equipped to handle snowy or slippery conditions, even while hauling up to 650 lbs! It can even climb stairs! Not only will it get the materials there, but it also has a manual dump feature to make unloading less strenuous and 2 forward/2 reverse speed settings to make operating comfortable for just about anyone.


Of course, you can’t talk about winter equipment rental without mentioning machinery for removing snow! Snow blowers, plows, and brushes are imperative to a successful winter season in the equipment rental industry. Read more on how to determine which machine is right for which type of snow HERE. If you prefer to use a snow pusher, Orec America’s walk-behind snow plow, the Snow Bull, will exceed your expectations. Also equipped with dual tracks, this snow plow packs power while still being compact enough to fit into tight areas a truck mounted plow could never dream to. It is equipped with a 31.5” blade that is adjustable to each side by either 15 or 30 degrees to ensure snow can be moved wherever you need it to go. The Snow Bull is available with an optional urethane scraper attachment to protect boardwalks or uneven stonework. When it comes to snow removal, you really can’t go wrong with this machine.

Popular Spring Equipment Rental: Rear-tine Garden Tillers


It goes without saying that spring may be the busiest season for equipment rental professionals. Cleaning up after winter and preparing for summer can be a lot of work! One of the most popular machines for springtime is a rear tine garden tiller. These machines break up the hardened soil and get you ready for planting. Orec America’s Gardenquake is incredibly user-friendly and saves you a great amount of time and effort getting any garden or landscape ready for the new season. The Gardenquake has a depth adjustment to meet different tilling needs, and forward rotating tines to break the soil into fine clumps. Additionally, the Gardenquake has an EZ Anchor to keep you stabilized while operating, and it is self-propelled. No more grueling push and pull on a heavy tilling machine! An exceptional piece of equipment to prepare your soil for a lush summer garden.

A Must-See for All Equipment Rental Professionals


The annual ARA Show is a favorite among vendors and attendees alike, who return year after year for this massive equipment rental convention. With over 700 vendors and a multitude of different seminars and demonstrations, this show has something for everyone. Orec America will be in attendance as a vendor and will be located at booth 3491 showcasing their impressive arsenal and newest upgrades and additions. As a company that prides themselves on providing durable, efficient, and user-friendly machinery, they are looking forward to being able to converse with their outdoor power equipment family and show attendees the outstanding craftsmanship and customer service their company has to offer.

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