Heavy Hauling Challenges and Solutions for Professionals

If you’ve ever done a job that required you to move heavy materials, then you know what a challenge it can be. Sometimes, simply transporting the materials to the job site can become half the work! Over the years, professionals have tried a multitude of outdoor power equipment and different methods of transportation to try to fit their needs as best they can. Although, finding a method of transportation that is versatile enough to meet the needs of heavy hauling over different landscapes is no easy feat. Things such as wheelbarrows, truck-pulled trailers, or manual carrying may be appropriate for some jobs; but, you might find they are not always suitable for different heavy hauling tasks. For many outdoor pros, if you’re not using a motorized carrier for heavy hauling around job sites, you’re just working harder and longer than necessary.

Heavy Hauling Through Tight Spaces


One of the challenges you may face with heavy hauling work is getting your materials through tight spaces. Tight or narrow spaces rule out the use of a trailer and leave you with few options. A wheelbarrow or manual carrying may be appropriate in these types of situations, but both are fairly strenuous on the body. Manual carrying will likely cause fatigue very quickly, as the heavy materials will not be able to be transported in larger groups, thus requiring repeated trips back and forth. Use of a wheelbarrow will be more efficient in this scenario, but can also put a strain on the shoulders and back, especially if it is being used at maximum load. These heavy hauling challenges have inspired us to develop and innovate our Trailblazer Transporter over the years to best assist our fellow outdoor professional.

Heavy Hauling Up Stairs


Hauling heavy materials up and down stairs may possibly be the most frustrating complication professionals can face when transporting to a job site. There are not many options on the market for safely transporting heavy materials up and down stairs. Again, this type of maneuver leaves you with quite limited choices, such as using a wheelbarrow, manual labor, or a motorized carrier such as Orec’s Trailblazer Transporter. A wheelbarrow may get the job done, but it will definitely create safety hazards as a massive amount of weight will be focused on a singular front wheel which can easily lose control when moving down multiple steps. As we know, manual labor would be another option but more trips back and forth make it inefficient and quite taxing on the human body. The best choice in this situation would be a motorized transporter. This allows you to transport your heavy materials with fewer trips and the highest grade of safety possible.

As you can see in the video above, the Orec Trailblazer Transporter makes heavy hauling up and down stairs nearly effortless. The dual tracks grip each step and the bed of the transporter evenly disperses the weight of the load, providing optimal safety conditions and efficiency.

Heavy Hauling Over Rough Terrain


Different landscapes and types of terrain play a huge factor in deciding which method of transportation is best suited to handle the job at hand. This facet of preparation is sometimes overlooked when planning for a project, which can quickly turn into a dastardly (and sometimes expensive) mistake. Type of terrain must always be carefully considered when choosing your transportation tools. Using a truck and trailer will sometimes be the easiest and safest option for rough terrain. Although, often times, rough terrain can include trees and other natural obstacles that must be worked around.

In cases like these, the Orec Trailblazer Transporter is the perfect machine to overcome the challenge. It is compact enough to comfortably maneuver in between trees; while the tracks provide adequate traction and stability to haul heavy materials over rocky, uneven, or sloped terrain. Work smarter, not harder with a motorized carrier!

Heavy Hauling For Great Distances


The task of heavy hauling, in general, can be quite tiresome without the proper outdoor power equipment. Some people may not mind transporting heavy material by hand, but when the distance they must cover becomes too great, this method is no longer a feasible option. However, luckily there is a variety of services available to help with heavy hauling over great distances. For example, in some instances, you may want to consult with a company that specializes in transporting material, rent a van or truck, or haul your materials in a hitched trailer. Each job is unique in that you want to keep in mind what amount of distance you need to cover, how big and/or heavy your materials are, and the time in which this needs to be completed.

Heavy Hauling Using a Trailblazer Transporter


Orec America’s Trailblazer Transporter was created with you in mind! This incredible machine makes transporting heavy materials safe and easy. It is designed to overcome many of the obstacles you encounter while transporting heavy materials to a job site. Narrow passages, rough terrain, slopes, and even stairs – this motorized carrier can handle it all! Dual tracks provide traction and stability for superior safety, while a 650 lb. max payload allows you to really make the most out of each haul. Featuring a 120cc Honda engine, this machine does all the hard work for you! 2 reverse speeds and 2 forward speeds allow you to set your own pace and haul with confidence. Leave wobbly wheelbarrows and tiring manual hauling in the past!

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