Rear-Tine Garden Tiller

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It's Time to Start Tilling Smarter!

Orec’s Gardenquake rear-tine garden tiller is powerful, compact, and perfect for gardening.

Whether you're tilling your garden for Spring or Autumn, the Gardenquake's forward rotating tines work hard to loosen soil and maintain your garden. You’ll find the operation is simple with a one-clutch lever. The locking differential feature helps you till straight forward with ease. You can easily set the desired depth using the depth adjustment bar. 

Garden preparation will be easier when you have this ultimate tilling machine doing all the hard work for you!

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Commercial Outdoor Power Equipment for Professionals


Since 1948, Orec has taken great pride in providing the best products on the market. Our Gardenquake rear-tine garden tiller is a clear example of our continual efforts to deliver engineering perfection.


Rear Tine Garden Tiller

Forward Rotating Tines

A total of 12 forward-rotating tines create aeration and fine soil for planting. Engage the clutch lever and the Gardenquake starts tilling away. The tines are also easy to change when needed.

Gardenquake Lock Differential

Locking Differential

Tilling forward in a straight line can be difficult with an inferior garden tiller. Not with the Gardenquake! A one-lever, locking differential feature simplifies straight forward tilling. 

Gardenquake Wheels

Dual Rough Terrain Tires

You won’t need to use muscle to balance the Gardenquake! The big 13” agriculture tires will hold the machine steady while tilling and provide great traction, even on soft soil.


Depth Adjustment Bar

The depth adjustment bar increases safety for hard soil conditions. When you are tilling hard soil, begin with a shallow depth setting. Then, simply adjust the lever to till deeper!


An Inventory Must for Landscapers, Rental Shops, Gardeners, and Small Plot Farmers.

Whether you're tilling your garden for Spring or Autumn, the Gardenquake is perfect for creating the foundation for gorgeous gardens and landscapes. The robust, forward-rotating tines work hard to loosen soil while the large agricultural tires keep the unit steadily moving forward.

The Gardenquake has been built tough and is both great on breaking ground and breaking the soil into fine clumps.

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We’ve all experienced the nightmare of trying to till the compact ground with a far inferior, consumer-grade garden tiller. It’s like trying to control a vibrating toy that literally bounces around while the user is left with frustration, exhaustion, and nothing actually tilled. Not with our Gardenquake! Garden preparation will be easier when you have this powerful and robust tilling machine doing all the hard work for you!

Have you been searching for the perfect solution for those inquiries from landscapers, gardeners, and small-plot farmers seeking a powerful yet compact rear-tine garden tiller? Look no further. We have trained professionals that will gladly provide your company a demonstration of the Gardenquake.

Let's get your soil prepared faster and better than ever!

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