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Winter Has Finally Met Its Match

Fed up trying to use an ineffective snowblower each winter? 

 Orec’s Snow Bull allows you to clear snow with ease! The dual tracks provide great traction, and even heavy, wet snow won’t slow you down. Great traction, and no clogging, make this snow-moving machine SAFE for everyone to use!

 The Snow Bull’s plow angle is easily adjustable, making it perfect for roadsides, walkways, parking lots, and driveways. The durable Honda commercial-grade engine safely powers the Snow Bull through any place a traditional snow blower can go, but won’t throw snow, ice, and rocks. The Snow Bull is your solution for daily snow clearing!

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Commercial Outdoor Power Equipment for Professionals



Since 1948, OREC has taken great pride in providing the best products on the market. Our walk-behind snow plow, the Snow Bull, is a clear example of our continual efforts to deliver engineering perfection.


Snow Bull Quick Release Side Walls

Quick Release Side Walls

Quick-release sidewalls allow each of the side walls to be removed or attached without the need for tools. This allows the operator to allow snow to drift off to one side or the other to prevent build-up in the plow.

Snow Bull Dual Track Drive

Dual-Track Drive

Durable dual tracks not only provide exceptional traction and stability in icy conditions, but they also enable the machine to be maneuvered up-and-down a flight of stairs.

Snow Bull Adjustable Plow Angle

Adjustable Plow Angle

The plow can be adjusted by 15 or 30 degrees in either direction, ensuring the flow of the snow is appropriate for the situation and the operator has complete control over where the snow is directed.

Snow Bull Blade Height Lock

Blade Height Lock

The blade height locking feature means the user can choose the perfect height at which to clear snow, making snow removal on gravel or other loose substrate easier than ever. 


The Ultimate Snow Pushing Machine

Snow Bull Clearing Business Sidewalk

If you have a business or property that receives continual snowfall throughout the winter, our Snow Bull will be the perfect machine to remove that snow with ease. Whether it's customer or employee walkways, quickly clear those areas and keep everyone safe! Let's get that snow cleared faster and better than ever!

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Snow Bull Clearing Business Front

Have you been searching for a solution to those inquiries from businesses and property owners looking to clear their sidewalks, storefronts, and pedestrian pathways? Look no further. For many parts of the country, we have trained professionals that will gladly provide your company a demonstration of the Snow Bull's strength, key features, and user-friendly design. 

Snow Bull Clearing Path

From the first snowfall of the season until winter’s final storm, outdoor professionals, facility maintenance teams, and large property owners need snow removal equipment that is tough, agile and gets the job done quickly. This powerful walk-behind snowplow will help you achieve impressive results with precious time and energy saved in the process.

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