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Equipment Rental
The ARA Show is the largest equipment rental convention and trade show in the WORLD. It is an annual convention that offers a wide range of networking within the industry, rental-specific seminars, and equipment geared toward construction/industrial, general tool/light construction and party/special events. The 2019 show will mark the conventions 63rd annual show. It boasts an impressive 700+ vendors and caters to attendees from over 40 countries! This year’s show will be held in beautiful Anaheim, California from February 17-20, 2019. According to the ARA, members consistently rank the show as one of the top services offered to them and continue to attend year after year.When it comes to equipment rental, a riding brush mower definitely tends to stand in the spotlight. People are very intrigued by these machines for good reason; as they are truly quite impressive. These powerful machines make easy work of challenging brush clearing, all while allowing you to ride along comfortably. Riding brush mowers can effortlessly take down thick brush and saplings with much mor [...]

That crisp breeze, the trees alight with fiery orange and yellow leaves, all the football games on television: this is what many of us think of when fall is in the air. However, fall is also the time when many clean up, do their final maintenance on, and put away their field mowers: but not so fast! The truth is, fall is a fantastic time to put your brush clearing equipment to use.

Why Should I Use My Brush Clearing Equipment in the Fall?

With the trend towards self-sustaining fields that are free of any non-native vegetation, many property owners have turned to brush clearing equipment such as rotary brush mowers and flail mowers as a way to rid their fields of non-native plants, vines, and trees. There are numerous advantages to field mowing in fall, not the least of which it can be easier than in summer. With so much foliage coming off of [...]

So Much Trail Maintenance…

There is quite a bit to be thankful for up here in the Pacific Northwest: great coffee, mild weather (usually), beautiful and varied natural scenery and, of course, a wealth of trails from which to enjoy all that nature has to offer. Whether you are on a mountain bike, in a pair of hiking boots or riding a horse, there are just so many trails to get out and experience nature not only in the Pacific Northwest but all over the country. We are all so truly blessed to have such easy access to nature throughout the entire U.S. Hiking along those miles of open trails up here in Washington, I often wonder how our parks manage to keep them clear through storms that push brush and debris onto the trails, to fallen trees that can block trails entirely. Our national, state and local parks are constantly working at trail maintenance [...]

What are invasive plant species?

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]nvasive plants, or non-native plants, are species of plants introduced to an area where they are not native. These are usually plants and shrubs from exotic locales that are most often brought into their non-native environments via planting or through disposal of their seeds into storm drains or compost piles. These plants tend to thrive in their non-native habitat due to lack of competition and predators can spread very quickly, taking up valuable natural resources from other, native plant species. This is why brush clearing these plants is so important: if you aren’t clearing brush quickly, they can spread over an entire lawn or field.

Why are invasive plant species bad?

Once introduced, invasive plants compete with native plant life for natural resources with the native species often losing out. The combination of the invasive species having evolved through competition with other native species, along with the [...]


[dropcap]Y[/dropcap]our yard should be a place for you and your family to enjoy. Whether gardening, playing in the pool or swinging in a hammock on a warm summer day, you come to your yard to unwind and have fun. If your yard is overgrown with tall grass, weeds and brush however, it becomes an area of concern for you as a homeowner. In this case, brush clearing is a must.Overgrown yards tend to become makeshift garbage dumps, housing debris from its inhabitants, neighbors and those just passing by. What’s more, all that brush and debris becomes the ideal breeding ground for all sorts of insects, including flies, mosquitoes, fleas and ticks which in turn spread disease to pets and humans alike. All of this makes clearing your yard of that pesky brush and weeds important not only to the appearance of your house, but to the health and well-being of you and your family. Let’s [...]

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