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One of the biggest challenges in keeping your property well-maintained is trying to mow underneath trees. Even just the thought of getting a mower underneath those branches to cut those weeds, tall grass and brush can be daunting. After all, there are a number of hurdles to clear so you can mow underneath trees.

For one thing, those overhanging branches can make it tough to get you and your mower in under the trees to mow. A lawn tractor, which often has a high center of gravity, can make it uncomfortable or even dangerous for you to get in to mow underneath trees. With branches snagging you or your mower, it may not even be worth thinking about using a riding lawn tractor with an attachment or riding lawn mower.

Common Problems with Mowing Underneath Trees

Can’t get in to mow underneath trees with a lawn tractor? Why not just use a walk behind finish

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