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The ARA Show is the largest equipment rental convention and trade show in the WORLD. It is an annual convention that offers a wide range of networking within the industry, rental-specific seminars, and equipment geared toward construction/industrial, general tool/light construction and party/special events. The 2019 show will mark the conventions 63rd annual show. It boasts an impressive 700+ vendors and caters to attendees from over 40 countries! This year’s show will be held in beautiful Anaheim, California from February 17-20, 2019. According to the ARA, members consistently rank the show as one of the top services offered to them and continue to attend year after year.When it comes to equipment rental, a riding brush mower definitely tends to stand in the spotlight. People are very intrigued by these machines for good reason; as they are truly quite impressive. These powerful machines make easy work of challenging brush clearing, all while allowing you to ride along comfortably. Riding brush mowers can effortlessly take down thick brush and saplings with much mor [...]

There is a lot that goes into being the best for rental companies: you need to provide superior customer service; your rental professionals need to have detailed knowledge of the equipment and the goods that they rent; you need to rent quality equipment and goods that meet the demand of your customers; you need to build strong relationships with your primary vendors in order to stay up to date on product knowledge and updates. While hard work and plenty of experience can go a long way to meeting such lofty goals, networking within the equipment and event rental industry can also be a great way to build upon and update the knowledge that you already have, as well as an excellent opportunity to create and strengthen relationships with vendors and other rental professionals. The American Rental Association (ARA)’s The Rental Show, held every February in alternating locations, provides such opportunities for rental professionals and vendors [...]

Most of us know that it is possible to rent equipment, but many of us are not quite aware of the variety of rental equipment that is available. What’s more, it can sometimes be intimidating to think about renting a piece of equipment that we don’t use that often or have never used at all. Just as going to a car mechanic or a computer store can make us feel like we don’t know what we’re doing, it can be nerve-wracking to think about renting a piece of equipment for the first time. Not to worry though, rental equipment professionals not only have the knowledge to help you use the equipment correctly, it’s in their best interest to work with you to make sure that you know what you’re doing. This added level of service is just one of the reasons why equipment rental can be a great option for you!

The Advantages of Rental [...]

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