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Should I Mulch Leaves or Should I Rake Leaves?

Fall can be an invigorating and colorful time of the year.

The crisp sting to the air and the sizzling red and orange leaves can give us a burst of energy that summer may have sapped.  The problem with those colorful leaves is that soon they will be on the ground, covering our lawns in a layer of red and gold.

That layer can make trouble for your lawn and garden, too. If left unattended, autumn leaves can turn into a thick cover over your precious grasses and plants, and it’s a cover that does a great job of keeping out the air and the sunshine that plants and grasses need to thrive. Lack of proper air and light circulation can lead to turf disease or, even worse, death to grasses and plants. What’s more, rain and snow can dampen that layer of leaves, making it [...]

That crisp breeze, the trees alight with fiery orange and yellow leaves, all the football games on television: this is what many of us think of when fall is in the air. However, fall is also the time when many clean up, do their final maintenance on, and put away their field mowers: but not so fast! The truth is, fall is a fantastic time to put your brush clearing equipment to use.

Why Should I Use My Brush Clearing Equipment in the Fall?

With the trend towards self-sustaining fields that are free of any non-native vegetation, many property owners have turned to brush clearing equipment such as rotary brush mowers and flail mowers as a way to rid their fields of non-native plants, vines, and trees. There are numerous advantages to field mowing in fall, not the least of which it can be easier than in summer. With so much foliage coming off of [...]

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