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Should You or Should You Not Be Weed Clearing?

Weeds certainly get a bad rap and, believe it or not, some of that bad rap can be undeserved. Many weeds out there, for example, are edible and/or have medicinal properties (and no, not just that weed!). Weeds can also act as a great indicator of the health of your soil, since many weeds will flourish in distressed or diseased soil. Just as a rash or other skin blemish can be a sign of poor health or illness for our bodies, so too can the abundance of weeds be an indicator of our garden’s distress. So, weeds aren’t all bad.

Even so, you probably don’t want them going bat-guano crazy and spreading all over your lawn or garden and in doing so take over your walkways and smothering the flowers and plants that you want in your garden. You definitely want to do some weed clearing, [...]

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