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If you’ve ever done a job that required you to move heavy materials, then you know what a challenge it can be. Sometimes, simply transporting the materials to the job site can become half the work! Over the years, professionals have tried a multitude of outdoor power equipment and different methods of transportation to try to fit their needs as best they can. Although, finding a method of transportation that is versatile enough to meet the needs of heavy hauling over different landscapes is no easy feat. Things such as wheelbarrows, truck-pulled trailers, or manual carrying may be appropriate for some jobs; but, you might find they are not always suitable for different heavy hauling tasks. For many outdoor pros, if you're not using a motorized carrier for heavy hauling around job sites, you're just working harder and longer than necessary.One of the challenges you may face with heavy hauling work is getting your materials through tight spaces. Tight or narrow spaces rule out the use of a trailer and leave you with few options. A wheelbarrow or manual carrying may be appropriate in these types of situations, but both are f [...]
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