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Haul Smarter, Not Harder!

Are you still hauling heavy materials around your work areas and properties with an ordinary wheelbarrow? We have the perfect solution to help make you and your team more productive and save valuable time, energy, and patience!

The Trailblazer Transporter features a dual track drive and a durable metal bed that can take loads of up to 650 pounds anywhere you need to go. The independent wheels can cover steep slopes and obstacles with no problem — they can even handle steps!

 Whether you're a contractor needing to move materials, a land maintenance professional looking to clear a trail or you just need to haul material around your property, the Trailblazer Transporter will help you get the job done with little effort and maximum safety.

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Commercial Outdoor Power Equipment for Professionals


Since 1948, OREC has taken great pride in providing the best products on the market. Our motorized carrier, the Trailblazer Transporter, is a clear example of our continual efforts to deliver engineering perfection.


Trailblazer motorized carrier


Orec’s solid transmission is positioned in front, under the bed, for better protection. The tracks are reinforced with steel mesh and cleats.

Trailblazer handle

Easy to Control

The track drive system makes the Trailblazer easy to control—just one lever to drive and levers that control turns like a tank. Brake right, turn right. Brake left, turn left.

Trailblazer expandable feature


You can expand or take out any of the front three walls to carry a variety of bulky loads, including dump tubs. The normal bed measures 91 cm long by 58 cm wide. With the walls fully expanded, the bed measures 116 cm long by 94 cm wide.

Trailblazer Track


Independent track wheels can carry you up-and-over obstacles, uneven terrain, slopes, and even stairs, while the compact build gets you through gates and tight spaces.


Heavy Hauling Through Tight Spaces with Obstacles

Trailblazer hauling up the hill

Hauling heavy loads up to 650 pounds up-and-down hilly terrain makes the Trailblazer a no-brainer for large property owners with acres and acres of projects to get done throughout the year.

Being powerful yet compact, this motorized carrier will help you get those projects accomplished with little effort and maximum safety.

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Trailblazer up the stairs

The dual tracks of the Trailblazer can cover steep slopes and obstacles with no problem—they can even handle stairs! Whether you're a landscaper needing to move materials, a contractor working a tight job site, or you just need to haul material around your property, the Trailblazer will become the machine you literally cannot move forward without.

Trailblazer for Construction

This durable and expandable metal bed can be quickly transformed to hold materials that come in all shapes and sizes. Hauling soil or gravel? Keep the Trailblazer at its enclosed dimensions of 91 cm long by 58 cm wide. How about hauling long beams or wide, cumbersome materials? Simply expand the walls to whichever dimensions will fit and secure your load.

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