What are some of the differences between a brush mower and a finishing mower?

Pro lawn mower

Lawn mower (finishing mower)

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]hey go by many different names, for instance Brush Hog, Rough Cut Mower, Field Mower and Brush Cutter. But whatever name you give it, a brush mower is a much different machine than a finishing mower. It’s important that you take these differences into account when choosing which one to use.


When do I need a brush mower and when do I need a finishing mower?

You will want to use a brush mower to clear tall grass (normally 6” and above), woody material, weeds and brush from an overgrown field or other area that has not been regularly maintained for some time. You will use a finishing mower to cut grass less than 6” in an area that receives regular lawn maintenance. You may need to use a brush mower for your own lawn for the first cut of spring, and then use a finishing mower throughout the summer.
Brush cutters may leave grass standing, and will not give as fine a cut as a finishing mower (hence the name rough cut mower). However, they are normally sturdier than finishing mowers and will not bog down as often when cutting clumpy grass and woody material.

Samurai mower

Samurai mower (brush mower)

What makes the brush mower better for clearing overgrown fields?

For one thing, The brush mower’s blade is larger and stronger. The cutting width of walk behind brush mowers is between 3” and 6” wider than that of walk behind finishing mowers. For example the Orec SH72 Samurai walk behind Brush Cutter has a 27.5” cutting width, which is 6.5” wider than a standard walk behind finishing mower.

In addition, the brush mower blade is made of a much thicker gauge of steel than a finishing mower blade, making it less prone to chipping or breaking completely when cutting thicker material. Brush mowers use “stump jumper blades”, which will keep rotating even if you hit wood, rocks or other hard materials, and will help prevent spindle damage. Brush mower cutting decks are also stronger; for example, the Orec Samurai walk behind brush cutter’s deck is made of 12 gauge steel with reinforcements underneath.

So if you need to clear tall grass, high weeds and woody material, the Orec SH72 Samurai walk behind brush cutter would be a great option for you. Please feel free to email or call us for a dealer or rental shop near you.


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