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Zero-Turn Snow Plow Helping Snow Clearing Pros Push Winter Back!

Snow clearing professionals need snow removal equipment that is tough, agile and gets the job done quickly. The Snow Rhino by OREC is a zero-turn snow plow that was designed based on insights provided to us from years of collaboration with snow removal professionals. 

 The Snow Rhino is the perfect complement to your team's truck-mounted plows. It's specialty is clearing snow from areas such as storefronts, sidewalks, pathways, driveways, and pretty much anywhere your team's truck-mounted plow cannot access. 

 Time is money in the snow removal industry. The Snow Rhino was engineered to make snow clearing pros more efficient with their time, labor, and patience.

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Since 1948, OREC has taken great pride in providing the best products on the market. Our zero-turn snow plow, the Snow Rhino, is a clear example of our continual efforts to deliver engineering perfection.


Safety Sensors & Parking Brake

If the operator steps off the platform while in use, the machine will sense it and automatically stop the engine. However, once the parking brake is engaged, the engine will continue to run when the operator steps off.

Zero-Turn Track Drive

Durable dual tracks not only provide exceptional traction and stability in icy conditions, they also enable the operator to maneuver the machine up and down stairs.

Blade Extension

Equipped with a 34” plow blade, and 6” blade extensions on either side, the operator has the freedom to squeeze into those tighter spaces or use the extensions, bringing the blade to 46” across to clear larger areas more quickly.

Stand-on Platform

Compared to walking behind or hand-shoveling, the stand-on platform helps prevent operator strain since they can stand while using. The stand-on platform can also be lifted up-and-away while clearing slopes to maintain safe operation. 

Full Trip Design

When the machine encounters an obstacle, the entire moldboard will trip, helping prevent significant damage to the plow when hitting obstructions hidden under the snow, like uneven sidewalks, curbs, or large ice chunks.  

Head/Rear Lights

The head and rear lights provide optimal sight even on the darkest of early morning snowfall. 


This Zero Turn Snow Plow is an Absolute Game-Changer for Snow Clearing Professionals


From the first snowfall of the season until winter’s final storm, snow removal professionals need the time-saving Snow Rhino to clear those countless storefronts, sidewalks, pathways, and driveways they encounter. Being a zero-turn snow plow, the Snow Rhino will become your most trusted machine to get the job completed better and faster than ever before.

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This zero turn snow plow and its tough dual-track drive give our users the features and flexibility to access and clear areas easily that had posed challenges to clear in the past. The Snow Rhino was designed with the snow clearing professional in mind, from the smaller snow removal companies with fifty accounts or fewer to the large corporate fleets with thousands of accounts to clear each day.


Is your snow clearing team still using a snowblower (or even manual shovels) to clear those areas that your truck-mounted plows cannot access? Snow blowers struggle with wet snow clogging augers and chutes, and they don't have a blade to scrape down to the pavement. Time is money in this industry. The Snow Rhino will save your team precious time, and most importantly, their patience.

Zero Turn Snow Plow